The Mediterranean Conference Centre is the former  ‘Sacra Infermeria’ of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, one of the most imposing buildings in Valletta. It is located adjacent to Fort St Elmo and overlooks the Grand Harbour.

The construction of this building commenced  in 1574 during the reign of Grand Master Jean de la Cassiere (1572-82,) and was extended several times over the years. The ‘Old Ward’ which is the main attraction was extended into the ‘Great Ward’ during the years 1660 to 1666 under the rule of the Cotoners. This hall measures 155 metres in length, and was at the time one of the largest halls in Europe and was described as having ‘one of the grandest interiors in the world’. The Sacra Infermeria was considered to be one of the best hospitals in Europe and could accommodate up to 914 patients.

In 1676, Grand Master Nicholas Cotoner (1663-80) founded the School of Anatomy and Surgery at the Infirmary, the forerunner of the Medical School of the University of Malta. Surgeon (Later Sir) David Bruce discovered the undulant fever germ (Brucellosis) in 1887, when the Hospital was used by the British Military Forces as the Garrison Hospital (1800-1920). When the Order of St John of Jerusalem left the Maltese Islands, the French led by Napoleon Bonaparte took over the Infirmery in 1798, it became known as the ‘Grand Hopital’ and a number of structural alterations were made in order to improve the ventilation, sanitation, and lighting of the hospital.

From 1800 till 1918 during the British rule after the expulsion of the French, the Centre served as a Station Hospital, serving the sick and wounded servicemen as hospital ships brought them in. The end of World War I in 1918 saw the end of the Station Hospital. The Infirmary’s Hall was turned into the Police Headquarters as from 1918 till 1940. During the ensuring bombardments of Valletta, during World War II, the Sacra Infermeria received four direct hits.

Several attempts at restoration and reconstruction of the derelict building were made in 1959 and 1975, with a final effort during 1978 when the building was transformed into the present Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Centre was inaugurated on the 11th February 1979, and was awarded the coveted Europa Nostra Diploma of Merit for the ‘superb restoration of the Sacra Infermeria and its adaptation for use as a conference centre.’

Since its inception as a conference centre, an ongoing restoration and maintenance programme has kept the unique historical character of this national monument, while providing a modern venue able to handle major international conferences, exhibitions, banquets and theatrical events. The MCC, the flagship of conference venues on the Island, is now renowned for its outstanding services and facilities.


















The Temi Zammit Hall is graced by a high ceiling and magnificent stone. The artistic combination of the modern lighting, plush seating and ancient stone walls creates an unforgettable sense of space.
230 delegates, 180 sqm.

The Ellul Mercer Hall has been furbished as a raked theatre with fixed seating. The flat stalls area, which accommodates 60 delegates, may however, be removed. The maximum capacity of the hall is 230 delegates. High level interpretation facilities are also available in the Ellul Mercer Hall with booths that can accommodate up to five languages simultaneously.
230 delegates.


Vassalli and David Bruce Halls. The pair of halls known as the Vassalli and David Bruce share many intrinsic features. Being of modest proportions, 16m x 11m and 12m x 9m respectively, they lend themselves to smaller gatherings of a more intense and informal nature, creating a more personal, intimate atmosphere. They are ideal for seminars, training sessions, meetings and smaller conferences. The Vassalli Hall is the larger of the two and accommodates up to 150 delegates in theatre-style seating or 60 in classroom style. The interpretation facilities allow for three languages. The David Bruce Hall seats 30 delegates at tables and up to 90 in theatre-style with interpretation facilities for three languages.
Vassalli Hall: 150 delegates / 70 individual tables (classroom style), 176 sqm
David Bruce Hall: 90 / 30 delegates, 108 sqm.


The Michel' Angelo Grima hall comfortably accommodates 450 delegates in theatre-style seating or up to 250 delegates in classroom style. The interpretation booths can cater for up to six languages simultaneously. This fully luxuriously carpeted hall is furbished to high levels of comfort with excellent lighting and wood paneled walls.
450 delegates.


The La Vallette Hall is the main Banqueting Hall at the Centre. Formerly the Sacra Infermeria's Great Magazine Ward, it is an architectural gem with a combination of splendid vaulted ceilings over its sheer length, making it one of the most elegant banqueting halls on the Island. Covering 1,500 square metres, it seats 900 guests. Alternatively, the hall can accommodate up to 1,500 guests for a stand up occasion. The pleasure of dining in the La Valette Hall becomes a truly unique and unforgettable experience when the food and the atmosphere are combined to create a themed night: perhaps a medieval banquet complete with jugglers and waitresses in costume takes your fancy, or the ever popular Night of the Knights.
900 delegates, 1500 sqm.



The Sacra Infermeria Hall is an extraordinary and magnificent space. It covers a total of 1,700 square metres and is 155 metres long. It can accommodate 100 exhibition stands of 9 square metres each. If more space is needed, another two halls can be used to provide a further 1,700 square metres of exhibition space between them. Fairs and expositions of all sorts can be comfortably set up here. This dramatic space is also very versatile. It can be used as a banqueting hall accommodating 1,400 guests seated to dinner or 2,500 for a stand-up cocktail-style reception. This hall was once the Long Ward of the Sacra Infermeria. It is one of the longest halls in Europe and was recognised as an architectural feat in the 16th century when it was constructed.
1400 delegates or 2500 standing, 1700sqm.